Inspection & Repair

“Can you make this problem go away?”

Best of Houzz 2016 - Client Satisfaction
Let us turn a frustrating or non-functional area of your home into something extraordinary.

If other contractors have told you, “It can’t be done,” or if you have tried many things and it’s still not fixed… there may still be a way.

Over the last few decades, we have dealt with many “impossible” problems. Everything from extreme water and environmental damage to design defects and building deficiency.

You don’t have to live with something that’s not working. Let’s find a better way.

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Professional, smart, does the job

Jens is very good to work with. He knows his business, and gets to the bottom of whatever the problem is.

He’s smart, he knows what he’s doing, and he has a broad range of knowledge in residential construction. He is an engineer, so he sees what needs to be done, and does the job. He is very professional.

I would highly recommend him, more than anyone else I’ve worked with.

– Myra Sellers, residential construction client

“Can you make it stop leaking?”

Water damage and leaks can come from a variety of sources.

Sometimes the solution to the problem is not so obvious. We look at the problem from a construction science point of view. We find out where the problem really is, and offer solutions.

Sometimes builders or architects make mistakes in the detailing. It could be just some small component not properly installed or secured. Next thing you know the damage compounds from there.

A house is a system. So if you have components in your system that are not working properly, there will be problems. Water damage can lead to mold and even structural issues. It’s best to fix it as quickly as possible, and do it correctly.

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